Monday, November 2, 2009

To go or to stay. That is the question.

Today President Gamiette called us into his office to offer us a move to another location. At the end of this month it will be one year since we came to work in the office in Trinidad, and we've hoped for a chance to get to be back in the field again before we go home.

Thinking I would show you a few photos of the proposed location for the remainder of our mission, I found these photos on Sister Robison's blog.

Do you recognize this first shot from Pirates of the Caribbean? The film was shot in and around this island.

We hear the roads on this particular island are narrow and windy (not necessarily good for my weak stomach) and that one must watch carefully to avoid falling into the gutters alongside the roads.

Thank heavens Larry would be our driver!

The proposal is that we stay here in Trinidad until about December 12 so
we can walk our replacements through the next transfer and then head for the island.

We'll make a decision by the first of next week. It just so happens that the couple who would be trading places with us is coming Thursday to stay with us and attend some training. So we'll all four get to answer questions for each other like how much does it cost to live on a beautiful island like this.

I received an email from our former mission president today, President Robison, in which he said in part,
"Congratulations on your move to St. Vincent. What a nice little yellow house overlooking that beautiful island. Sounds like a heavenly way to finish a mission."

So now you know we gave up "our little blue house" in Guyana last June to stay in the office to help our new mission president, but now we may get to have a "little yellow house" on the beautiful island of St. Vincent to finish our mission. Mostly, we would be able to teach and work with the people again.

So, assuming that we agree to extend our mission a few months and go to the island of St. Vincent, does anyone want to come visit?


Andrew Croft said...

Hi my name is Andrew Croft. I served In St. Vincent and was actually one of the missionaries lucky enough to open the Calliaqua area. I am interested to know how the branch is doing. Any information would be great. My email address is Thanks.

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